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The team at JVD has been designing Analog and Analog mixed-signal ICs for decades. Whether you need a special purpose analog IC or a unique combination of functions, the JVD team is here to serve you.

“Think you’re missing the IoT wave? Don’t panic.”
EDN Network May 16, 2016–Don-t-panic-

“IoT – You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”
AnySilicon Aug 12, 2014>

“Thermal Test Chips Streamline System Development”
EDN Network May 16, 2013

“Who’s Managing Your Power Management?”

  1. EETimes February 4, 2013  your-power-management
  2. EDN February 6, 2013
  3. Wireless Design Magazine February 6, 2013

“Remove The ‘Frankenstein’ Effect From Medical Devices”
Medical Design Technology Magazine May 16, 2013

“Analog ASICs Eliminate The Threat Of Counterfeit Chips”

Electronic Design July 9, 2012

Video: “SS Enterprise Averts Disaster Thanks to JVD ASIC”

  1. You Tube: Tongue-in-cheek animation April 10, 2012
  2. PowerSystemDesign Magazine

“Economically Replace Off-The-Shelf ICs with Analog ASICs”

EETimes Education and Training February, 2012

“Making Sense of ASIC Myths”
Medical Design Magazine January/February, 2012

“Jur-ASIC Parts Program Recreates Obsolete Devices”
EETime Europe  September 21, 2011

“Tips and Tricks: Help for ASIC Design”
Control Engineering August 30, 2011[tt_news]=56381

“Exposing Hidden Costs of Using Off-The Shelf Analog ICs”
White Paper May 2011

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“Demystifying Analog and Mixed-Signal ASICs.” White Paper Jan 2011

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