Analog ASIC Methodology Background

JVD Semiconductors offers one stop shopping for all of your Analog and Analog Mixed-Signal needs.

Concept to Design

If you have a great idea but need assistance in converting it into a manufacturable product, JVD’s experienced design team will work with you to define the most optimum integrated solution. Our engineers will collaborate with you to determine the best technical solution and discuss options to bring your idea to market.

Design to IC Prototype

The JVD team will analyze your design and choose the most efficient path to integration. We’ll suggest process options and even process variations that may improve your product’s performance, yield and lower its cost. JVD will take your design to production for you and manage the entire process, freeing you to do what you do best … create.

ASIC technology design

IC Prototype through Production

As a full service Semiconductor company, JVD produces analog and mixed signal ASIC semiconductors for a wide range of applications. Whether industrial, automotive, consumer, or medical, JVD has experience to quickly ramp up semiconductor production to meet your volume requirements whether low, medium or high for the long term. It is not uncommon for JVD products to be in continuous production for more than a decade.

As manufacturing technologies continue to advance, JVD’s customers benefitted from our ability to easily upgrade older products for production using new, lower cost production techniques while enhancing these products with improved features. Sharing the creative inventiveness keeps JVD’s customers competitive and able to weather all market conditions.

JVD Standards and Quality

Since 1982 JVD has continuously maintained the highest standards of engineering talent, state of the art chip production, and customer service. JVD’s unblemished record as the premier source for Analog and Mixed-signal ASICs in Silicon Valley is unprecedented. When you need product availability for the long term, 10, 15, 20 years or more, then you need JVD.

JVD carefully matches the requirements of your design against a broad list of Analog based processes from multiple foundries. The process upon which the chip is designed is as much a part of the product’s performance as is the design. Whether Bipolar, CMOS, BiCMOS, BCD or MEMS, the correct selection will dramatically ease the design task, and as a result, save time and money for you, the customer.

JVD selects the optimum process and then custom designs the analog blocks specifically needed for the application specification required. This allows the best possible manufacturing match of design and wafer fabrication; something that is impossible to achieve with cell libraries.