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The worldwide semiconductor value chain comprises an intricate network of researchers, designers, manufacturers, and assembly and test companies, all of whom contribute to the creation of our modern day semiconductor industry. Each stage in the chain requires a set of skills and expertise that together facilitate the rapid year over year growth in new products. Once relegated only to captive semiconductor companies, these services are now available to any equipment or system manufacturer thanks to Value Chain Aggregators like JVD.

Value Chain Aggregators lower the barriers to entry and allow a path for anyone to obtain a unique custom integrated circuit for their end product. Although our main business is the design and production of Custom Analog ASIC Semiconductors, we recognize the need for many customers to maintain a captive IC design team that can be deployed at a moment’s notice to critical new projects. However, managing and maintaining the remaining aspects of chip production in house is a daunting and tremendously expensing task. Outsourcing each specific function (mask making, wafer fabrication, wafer probe, assembly, final test, characterization and qualification and sometimes shipping and invoicing) requires expensive internal manpower to understand each phase of the chain and properly manage it. It becomes especially expensive when there is a limited number of ICs being developed over which to amortize these costs. The difficulty of managing all of this is compounded by the fact that many of these stages take place is disparate parts of the world. Most companies lack the resources to effectively deal with these complications.

Selecting a Value Chain Aggregator like JVD relieves you of the burden of added manpower and assures you of expert experience in the smooth and seamless production of your semiconductor product.

There are eight primary stages in the value chain of creating integrated circuit, shown in Figure 1, below.
eight graphic boxes with names of steps on them

Figure 1: Semiconductor Value Chain

Each stage of the value chain is an independent, standalone task that is accomplished by experts in that particular field. When seeking an ASIC chip, most OEMs engage what is called a full service ASIC company, meaning that they have the capability to perform and/or manage all eight stages for the OEM. In some cases however, the OEM may have an internal chip design team that is capable of performing stage 1 and perhaps stages 2 of the chain. Rather than trying to manage the remaining stages themselves, they seek out and retain the services of a Value Chain Aggregator to do it for them. VCAs have long term relationships with numerous wafer foundries and assembly/test companies, as well as internal capabilities from which they can source the best costs and quality for the OEM. Additionally, because VCAs manage the production for many companies they are able to utilize their cumulative higher volumes to gain cost advantages that would otherwise be unavailable to the OEM.

Our world-class experts and global network of partners support you across the entire semiconductor manufacturing value chain. Whether you need a complete turnkey Analog ASIC solution or semiconductor manufacturing services to drive your chip through volume production, JVD is the partner for you so that you can focus on your next innovation.

JVD is a leading independent ASIC semiconductor design and manufacturing solutions provider. We have been delivering custom Analog ICs to OEMs since 1982 and have demonstrated a fast, flexible, lower-risk, automated path to your volume production. We serve a wide variety of markets including automotive, consumer, industrial, instrumentation, medical, power management and more.

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