Got Analog?

Then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

  • If you want exotic cars, you go to Italy.
  • If you want excellent whiskey, you go to Scotland.
  • If you want Analog ASICs, you come to Silicon Valley and JVD.

It’s that simple.

This is where it all began, right here in Silicon Valley in 1957

(see History, below)

There is no single geographical location on the face of the earth with more skilled, competent analog design resources than in Silicon Valley. This bustling metropolis that extends from Mountain View through Sunnyvale and Santa Clara and into San Jose is a virtual gold mine of analog talent. It is from this pool that JVD draws its technical resources.


Our engineering teams comprise designers that average between 30 and 40 years of experience each, amassing over 1,000 cumulative man-years of Analog IC capability ready to serve you and assuring you that there is virtually no challenge too great to be successfully integrated into an Analog ASIC.

Front-end NRE and Tooling costs?

JVD’s are perhaps the lowest in the industry. Call us to find out why and learn about how companies like yours can qualify for our 100% rebate program. How cool is that? A custom Analog ASIC, essentially cost equivalent to procuring an off-the-shelf component.


Our unique business model supports meeting all your production needs, regardless of your volumes. We use domestic (USA) foundries whenever possible to help you avoid the product pirates trying to steal your ideas.


Whether it’s 10K units per year or 10M units per year, we have a model that will fit almost any business need. Check us out today.


Silicon Valley is the Analog IC capital of the world. It all began with William Shockley, co-inventor of the first transistor at Bell Labs in 1947. After moving to Palo Alto, California to care for his aging mother he received funding from Arnold Beckman (Beckman Instruments) to start The Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory, which opened for business in a small commercial lot in nearby Mountain View in 1956. In 1957, after a management dispute, 8 top scientists and engineers received funding from a little know company in New York called Fairchild Camera and Instruments and thus began Fairchild Semiconductors and the birth of the analog integrated circuit. In 1963 Fairchild introduced the world’s first analog IC; an op-amp called the uA702 and four years later, the uA741…the most popular op-amp in the world.

Fairchild has since spawned hundreds of companies who themselves have spawned hundreds more companies, spreading the Analog seed far and wide. But nowhere is there a greater collection of the best of the best Analog Design Talent than here in Silicon Valley. Since the 1960s, thousands of analog IC engineers have found their places here.

JVD’s founder, Jerry VanDierendonck, (yes, that’s what’s behind our name, JVD) spent a decade in Silicon Valley prior to starting his own company. Today, Jerry has retired, but we are still a private, debt free, family owned company, ready to serve your needs.