JVD Semiconductor Company Values

Provide Extraordinary Service

We always aim to exceed expectations and serve our customers in unexpected ways. We take on only what we can do right. Our business may be about analog semiconductors but our success is about service – exceptional customer service.

Respect The Team

We place high value on collaboration because we know the power of many is greater than the power of one. We value customer contributions to the ASIC design process but realized each customer’s ability to contribute may vary. Whether high or low, everyone makes a difference.

Do The Right Thing

We strive to do things right at JVD. We also recognize that we’re in a business of humans; mistakes will happen. Therefore our mandate is to do the right thing; act with integrity, own our actions, correct mistakes regardless of where they originated, never place blame, learn from experience.


We’ve evolved greatly since our inception in 1982, expanding ourselves and our business purpose. At JVD, we embrace change and every person has the opportunity to grow and contribute.

Move Fast

There are two types of organizations. Organizations that lead and organizations that follow. We are leaders. We value action and decisiveness and recognize that the best opportunities come to those who act quickly.

Have Fun

We know that if everyone enjoys their work, they’ll do a better job – our customers will feel the difference. It’s that simple.