Customer Testimonials

JVD has been one of our best suppliers since they made our first ASIC in 1988. Since then, JVD has helped us develop four other ASICs. I can’t think of a better reliability supplier we have had over the last 27 years…

Mead C. Killion, Ph.D., Sc.D.(hon)
Adjunct professor of Audiology
Northwestern University
Chief Technology Officer and Founder
Etymotic Research

Concerning the JVD ASIC in the Cotag RFID technology cards and tags.Cotag technology has been a global brand, with its technology and access control systems delivering world class electronic security since the 1980s. Since 2005, Cotag RFID technology has been part of Siemens Security Products. For 21 years approximately 7 million Cotag 928 cards have been sold, each one containing a JVD ASIC. The 928 card is warranted for 5 years, a testimony to the reliability of the card and the JVD ASIC. Regarding JVD, they remain a strategically important supplier to us.

Peter Kimpton
Siemens AB, SE

Several years ago, we approached JVD to develop an Analog ASIC chip for a new to the world product we wanted to develop. We needed a solution that would integrate multiple devices into a single chip, incorporate a new to the world technology, be able to operate on battery power for more than 5 years and above all, exhibit the highest levels of reliability to avoid field replacement. JVD Inc. designed an ASIC for our flagship product and it has now been in production for more than five years. In that time period we have purchased, assembled and sold over 7 million units to market.

In addition to developing the IC, JVD worked diligently with us to ensure we had a test plan to assure the success of our product. Reliability of the JVD ASIC has been outstanding, with no known field failures. Service and support from the JVD team has been outstanding throughout the entire relationship. We highly recommend JVD as an excellent source of quality engineering and reliable manufacturing of ASIC devices.

Peter Z.
Chief Technology Officer
S. W. Technologies Corp.

TEA began working with JVD, Inc. in early 2006 on the design and development of a device that has become a very successful product for TEA – a Thermal Test Chip (TTC). While the technology for the TTC appears to be very simple, in fact there were many design and fabrication issues to overcome to reach our current product yields of better than 96%. The success of the device’s manufacturability and the device’s reliability can be attributed to JVD’s hard work, technical capabilities and determination to make the chip as good, as repeatable, and as reliable as possible.

In addition to the above comments, mention must be made of the working relationship that JVD staff created. I found it very easy to work with them and looked forward to their suggestions and support.

Bernie Siegal
Thermal Engineering Associates, Inc.