A Brief Review of Some Past Projects

JVD has produced a wide variety of ASIC devices since its inception in 1982. The partial list below describes a few of JVD’s products spanning wireless, power management, medical, utility, automotive, safety, display, MEMS and military apps.

Automobile OBD-II to MCU interface: Designed to be configurable for various car models using a built-in analog switch array to connect the following Automotive Bus Transceivers: – CAN Bus – J1850 – K-Bus – L-Bus – ISO9141-2 to each model’s unique pin configuration. The chip also contains three LDOs (8V, 5V, 3.3V) and auxiliary control signals so that complete communication interfaces can be formed to the MCU.

Hearing Aid Amplifier: The first class D amplifier hearing aid with low power and stereophonic quality performance (known as the K-Amp). JVD produced and supplied K-Amps for a significant percentage of the world’s hearing aid market.

Wireless Grocery Store Price Display: A wireless grocery store shelf digital display pricing system. It utilizes a very low power, low frequency proprietary technology that provides a 5 – 7 year battery life for the wireless LCD price display from a single 3V coin cell battery.

Active RFID for Security Access: An active programmable RFID IC providing the advantage of long but well defined transmission range. The custom ASIC is used for systems in commercial security. Hospitals have used the system for preventing baby theft and tracking of Alzheimer patients. The system has also been used for corporate and airport security, as well as livestock applications.

Scuba Diving Computer: The first IC ever developed for the use in scuba diving computers for a major scuba equipment manufacturing company.

Passive RFID: A passive RFID die used for applications such as access control and luggage tags for baggage handling in airports.

Heart Rate Monitor: The first optical sensing IC for pulse rate detection used on exercise equipment and watches. The system detects a change in blood density to monitor heart rate. JVD’s design is the only system capable of using the ear clip method.

Remotely Read Utility Meter: A wireless communication IC set built for one of the largest domestic water and gas meter utility companies. The system operates underground or in deep snow environments. A meter reading technician can read meters remotely from a van while driving down the street.

3D Goggles: IC for 3-D graphics goggles used for commercial and military 3-D simulators. This system is used for training military pilots and surgeons.

Stock Market Ticker: 24 bit LED driver used in LED signs for the stock market, airport luggage claims, etc.

Virus Strain Detection: IC for a pharmaceutical company used to identify strains of the AIDS Virus.

Automotive Sensor Protection: An automotive engine sensor/battery protection IC developed for significant German automotive parts manufacturer. The chip prevents damage to fuel injection sensors if the car battery polarity is reversed or if exposed to over voltage. The die is designed for 150°C operation.

Low Battery Detection and Alarm: A low-battery detection die used in hearing aids to detect low voltage battery conditions. The die generates an audible alarm to the user when the hearing aid batteries reach a low threshold.

Fire Arm Safety: A “Smart Gun” was developed for a major firearms company. It is used to protect law enforcement officers from being shot by their own gun in an altercation. Only authorized users could fire the system equipped gun.

Directional Microphone: An equalizing amplifier for a directional microphone developed for a hearing aid manufacturer.

Carbon Monoxide Detector: A very low power general purpose 16 bit A/D converter with microprocessor interface incorporating an alarm driver, 2 LED drivers and a low-battery detection circuit

RGB LED Driver: A custom 24 bit color LED driver for display boards.

Wireless Headset: Low frequency wireless headset (system and IC). The system has an integrated sigma delta modulator and demodulator, an RF transceiver (LNA and transmitter).

Audio Tone Generator: 0.7V VDD audio tone generator for a hearing aid.

Proximity Sensor: Very low power IC used for an IR based proximity sensor.

Cell Phone Microphone Preamp: A ultra-low noise flip chip preamplifier with 70dB+ S/N, for use as a buffer/amplifier inside an “electret microphone”. Includes 900MHz EMI filter & IEC 61000-4-2 ESD protection.

Lithium Ion Battery Protection: Battery protection circuit with a bidirectional 18mohm switch and controller.

MEMS Motion Sensor: Signal conditioning chip for a differential capacitance MEMS motion sensor. Used in digital video cameras.

iPOD Accessory: Power conditioning and a sound enhancement circuit for a retail iPod accessory.

Automatic Dispenser: Controller for a commercial automatic fluid dispenser incorporating an anti-counterfeit technology to prevent counterfeit products from being used in the dispenser. Die for the system allows for a longer battery life than all competitor devices.

Thermal Test Die: A thermal test device used to characterize thermal properties of IC packages and it also qualifies new package designs for major IC packaging companies.

Military Parts: JVD routinely reverse engineers obsolete military parts for government contractors.