Analog ASIC Experience

Over 1,000 man years of analog IC design know-how waiting to solve your next challenge

Analog/HDMI/DVI Interfaces
Attenuators / VGAs / Filters
A/D Converters
Audio CODECs
Automotive Bus Transceivers
Battery Management
Broadband CODECs
Camera/Camcorder Analog Front Ends
Capacitance to Digital Converters
Current Sense Amplifiers
D/A Converters
Differential Amplifiers
Digital Power Management
Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) & Modulators
Display and Lighting
Display Driver Electronics
Energy Measurement
H-Bridge Drivers

Instrumentation Amplifiers
Integrated Transceivers, Transmitters
Isolated A/D Converters
Isolation Amplifiers
Led Driver Components
Linear Regulators
Log Amps/Detectors
Mixers / Multipliers
Modulators / Demodulators
MOSFET Drivers
Motor Drivers
Multi-Output Regulators
Operational Amplifiers (Op Amps)
PLL Synthesizers / VCOs
Portable Power Solutions
Power Management / Power Monitors
Sample Rate Converters
Switched Capacitor Converters
Switches – Point of Load
Switching Controllers
Switching Regulators
Synchro/Resolver to Digital Converters

Temperature to Digital Converters
Timing ICs & Clocks
Touchscreen Controllers
Variable Gain Amplifiers
Video Amps/Buffers/Filters
Video CODECs
Video Compression
Video Decoders
Video Encoders
Voltage to Frequency Converters

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