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JVD Founder, Jerry VanDierendonck, Retires

Co-Inventor of the TMS-100, The Worlds First Microcontroller,
Says Goodbye to a Long and Fruitful Career

San Jose, CA October 18, 2010 – Jerry VanDierendonck, Founder of JVD, Inc and a member of the Texas Instruments design team that invented the world’s first microcontroller, the TMS-100, has retired. Jerry’s historic career in the semiconductor industry spanned five decades.

In 1972 Jerry left TI to join TMS-100 lead engineer, Gary Boone, who had moved to Silicon Valley to accept a role at Litronix. After stints at Fairchild, and Monosil Jerry landed at LSI Logic, one of the ASIC world’s pioneers. Realizing that the early ASIC companies were focused primarily on digital designs and recognizing customer’s needs for increasing Analog content, Jerry left LSI in 1982 and founded JVD.

JVD’s business soared in the ‘90s and ‘00s as customers worldwide, seeking solutions with high Analog content, turned to JVD. The company’s hundreds of designs spanned a wide variety of applications, including Engine Control Unit protection for Mercedes Benz and rf tuning devices.

Assuming the helm at JVD is Jerry’s son, Michael VanDierendonck. Michael is a graduate of BMC and a 17 year veteran of JVD. Mike joined JVD as a Test Development Engineer. Within two years he was promoted to Director of Test Engineering, responsible for the team assigned to building and maintaining the fleet of automatic testers and later became VP of Operations.

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About JVD, Inc.
JVD is a leader in the design and production of Custom Analog Semiconductors, known as Analog ASICs.  These cost effective, high performance devices meet and exceed customer’s challenging design requirements by lowering total system cost, shrink size by reducing the number of components required and thwart product pirates by embedding IP that can not be copied. Founded in 1982 by Jerry VanDierendonck, a member of the TI team that developed the world’s first microprocessor, TMS 1000, JVD is a privately held company with headquarters in San Jose, Calif. For more information, please visit www.jvdinc.com.

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